Reflection on my blog

After blogging for approximately seven weeks my thoughts have changed quite a bit. At the beginning of writing my blog I didn’t want to be writing or take part in this but now that I have finished blogging, I enjoyed blogging about things. In this seven week period, I have posted a total of twelve posts and out of those twelve posts the one I enjoyed writing the most was my post about Clownfish. During the time that I created the posts on my blog I have had to use multiple web tools those being Word 2016, Paint 3D, a dictionary I googled, google, and many of the tools on Edu blogs. On all my posts I have gotten a total of 17 comments, 3 of those were from teachers and the rest from other students who had read my posts. I don’t really have any plans on this blog, by next August I might already forgotten writing this blog. I don’t really plan on continuing to post on my blog anymore either.


Holiday Haiku – Week Seven Task

For week seven we had a make a poem so I had decided on writing a haiku. I chose this type of poem because haiku’s are a lot easier for me to write.


Christmas is awesome

The best part is the presents

I love Christmas

In this haiku I wrote about my holiday which was Christmas.

Week Seven Task – Family Celebrations

For week seven I was tasked with choosing with writing about what holidays so I had to think because I kind of forgot for a second. So my family only celebrates six holidays and five of those holidays are listed on the 2019 Federal Calendar (For the United States of America). We celebrate Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. And these are the only holidays that I know of or remember of the top of my head.


Emoji Story Prompt – Week Six Task

There was a bus driving down the road and it had hit a dog. An elderly man was looking for his dog and was happy to have found it but very sad because it had been run over. To get over his loss he boarded a train on route to China. He went to the bathroom but had discovered a cat who he liked very much and the cat liked him back. But the man died of a heart attack because of how cute the cat was, and the cat ran away on a horse because of how sad it was. The cat fell off the horse and a family found the horse, but a fire truck hit the horse. The family had feelings of anger and sadness, because of the loss of their horse. They found a pig and goat so they took them on a train ride, but to their surprise there was a no animal policy but there was a sign saying service animals were allowed. So they ate the pig and goat. The food was sour though because they’re in a car but it was so good that they licked their fingers as if they were at KFC mmm finger licking good. Turns out a monkey was following them because there was an alien in a cave with the cat that had fallen off the horse. And the one holding them there as hostages was a penguin with a chocolate bar. But there was a sign that said no babies so it rolled its egg out of the cave, the other penguin in the cave was mad because its egg was just rolled down the hill. So it had biked down the hill to get its egg back, it was annoyed since it disliked biking. The thing was the penguin loved its egg so it didn’t really care if it was for the egg, but then suddenly the egg had cracked and it turns out the egg wasn’t a penguin egg but a chicken egg. The penguin mom called the penguin dad who was inside the cave on her sea shell phone to tell him what had occurred, back in the cave though the mom from the family who had eaten the pig and goat was trying to save her cat from the penguins. She used candy to make the penguin dad leave so she tries to save the cat but the cat threw up all over her, so she needs to take a quick shower inside the cave, the woman is sad since that was her favorite shirt but out of nowhere a whale appears. But its run over by a train, but as it turns out there was an ant riding the whale who survived and escaped on a bike to the bathroom. The alien was laughing about what was occurring before his very eyes and he ate a fish because he was starving, the woman then saved her cat. And they had a happy ever after.

You can make your own story by going to this site


Week Six Challenge – Create a Emoji

For the Week six Blogging challenge we were tasked with choosing two of the four tasks and I chose to make a emoji as one of my tasks. I used Paint 3D to create my emoji and I tried but horribly failed to recreate the smiley face emoji. I would give Paint 3D a 4-10 because you don’t have many choices when it comes to colors or painting tools. In the end I enjoyed creating a emoji on Paint 3D.

Artist or Group – Week five task

For this task I chose to write about Jauz a Deejay from the United States of America. Sam Vogel or his stage name Jauz is an American DJ and producer. Sam Vogel was born on September 2, 1993 and is 26 years old. Sam’s style of music is chill trap, bass house, and dubstep. Before Vogel started his professional career he went by the stage name “Escape Dubstep”. Vogel later changed it to Jauz because he thought it was simple, short, and catchy. He started his career by uploading remixes this caught the attention of other DJs like Skrillex, Borgore, and Diplo. In 2014 he released his first song “Feel the Volume” via the record label Mad Decent. And in 2015 he collaborated with Skrillex to release the single “Squad Out!”. He released songs on Spinnin’ and Monstercat records. In 2017 he created the record label Bite this on November 6th, 2017.

Jauz debuted a Baby Shark remix at Coachella

Piano Facts

  1.  A piano has a lot of parts, a total of 12,000 parts, 10,000 of which are moving parts. Due to there being many parts a piano has be tuned multiple times a year.
  2. A piano needs 230 strings, a standard piano sums up to 20 tons while a grand piano sums up to 30 tons.
  3. As of 1940 piano keys were no longer made of ivory but instead made of plastic. The keys are still referred as ivories though which if you think about it they shouldn’t because they aren’t ivory anymore.
  4. An average grand piano has a weight over 1400 pounds with a height of 8 feet and 11 inches.
  5. In the United States there are 10 million pianos and 18 million non-professional pianists.
  6. When you buy a new piano, it will have to be tuned 4 times within the first year.
  7. The most expensive piano was sold for 3.22 million dollars at an auction.
  8. The Steinway company has been making pianos since 1853 and a grand piano from them would cost you as much as 100,000 dollars.
  9. The first piano that was invented was made in the year 1698 by a man named Bartolomeo Cristofori in Italy.
  10. The world’s largest piano is located in New Zealand by a man named Adrian Mann. The piano had a weight of 1.4 tonnes and 7 meters long. It took Adrian 4 years to build the piano.
  11. At the 20th edition of the International Festival of Ice Sculpture in 2004, there was a piano made entirely of ice.

20 Interesting Piano Facts

How to comment

When writing a comment start off by writing the comment as if you were to write a letter to someone. Include a greeting in the comment for example “Dear Dave” or “hi Dave”. Then include things that you liked about the person’s post/page, after that add a closing sentence or statement to your comment.

When writing your comment be sure to compliment the writer in some way shape or form. You should also include more information about the topic or ask a question about the post/page. This way you could start a conversation with the blogger.

You should use correct grammar, spelling, spacing, and punctuation when writing your comments. And be sure to not give out any personal information to anyone online.

And finally be sure to review and edit any mistakes your comment before posting it. That way you could look for any mistakes or bad grammar.

Common clownfish – Week Three Task (Educate others)

The Common clown fish also known as the false clown fish, false percula, and clown anemone fish. Clown fish are found on coral reefs in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans from northwestern Australia, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, and Indonesia. A clown fish’s diet is made up of small invertebrates like marine isopods and zooplankton, organisms killed by the host anemone, and sometimes cast-off parts of the host anemone are consumed as well. A large part of the clown fish’s diet is algae.

Clown fish and Sea Anemones depend on each other to live. This is called Mutualism a symbiosis that is beneficial to both organisms involved. The Clown fish depend on the Sea Anemone for protection from predators which try to consume the Clown fish. And in return the Clown fish cleans the parasites from the Anemone’s body. The Clown fish also prevents Butterfly fishes from consuming the Anemone tentacles.

How vaccines do not cause Autism


Today, Mrs. Richards challenged us to look up a topic and record what we learned. I decided to work about how vaccines do not cause Autism because there is a lot of people in the world we believe it does. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has provided information on how Autism spectrum disorder or ASD is not in any way connected to vaccines. There has many tests on vaccine ingredients to see if there was any connection between Autism and the ingredients in vaccines. But as the CDC tests proved that the ingredients did in fact not have any connection with Autism. The CDC has proven through tests that all vaccine ingredients are same and do not cause ASD. A study showed that the number of Antigens the substances in vaccines that cause the body to produce disease-fighting antibodies in the body’s immune system. Showed that the total numbered amount received by children with ASD and those without it. Some people believe it does cause Autism but me, I don’t think it does. I want to know what you think tell me in the comments so we can start a conversation and we can share our own ideas on the topic.